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Doing What You Like is Freedom; Liking What You Do Is Happiness!


Need a new resume for your job search?  Need to prepare for that next performance evaluation?  Want to know how to apply for that perfect job online?  Modern Career Decisions (MCD)  has written accepted healthcare executive resumes in San Francisco Bay Area since 1980.  We have a keen awareness of the dynamics of the current healthcare industry - from the physician's office to the medical group, freestanding hospital, health system medical center, HMO, and health system executive office environments.  And we are knowledgeable of the world of work at all of the industry's levels - from the caregiver to the physician executive. 

We know how to help make you look good to your potential new employer(s).  Don’t worry, we’ll use your words. We want your new resume to look and sound like you, not a resume writer. You’ll like our recommended style.  So will the people screening your resume.  More importantly, we think you will feel more confident and upbeat about yourself!

Your new resume will be prepared with you in a private concierge setting or via the telephone and e-mail.  You will find our resume preparation service very thorough and customized for you. 


If you are starting from scratch without a previous resume or your draft, we will be asking you some tough questions about your job target or objective. You’ll also be asked a series of questions about your work experiences and your important accomplishments. We'll want to know a lot of specifics about your background, all the good stuff. This will be the time to retrieve your dates of employment, past bosses names, education dates, courses of study, and special training or certification details. Don't forget to collect the city and state of each work site or location. We even like you to share with us any performance evaluations you might have in your personal files at home. In other words, we want to see or hear about all of the great things you've been doing in the world of work! Sometimes all it takes is one little word gleaned from you or your materials to turn a good resume into a great resume. That's what we do best!!!  And, this service includes unlimited telephone and e-mail follow-up adviice and counseling on the use of your new resume for three (3) months.

COST - $295 for Basic Resume Package


Many job seekers like to begin by creating their own resume, from scratch, using popular templates and/or suggestions from their network. Those interested in our complimentary RESUME ASSESSMENT, are encouraged to e-mail us a copy of their present document in a Word format for a professional review. Our experienced healthcare executive resume writer will review your resume, usually within 24 hours, and provide you a verbal feedback of this important job search tool for you. Your resume will be read and evaluated just like a recruiter or hiring manager would see it. Now that's important! Your resume will be checked for job objective/target clarity, deselectors, spelling, grammar, style, and substance. We feel the resume should make the perfect 1st impression to anyone in the employment screening process. We have over 40 years of recruiting, screening, and counseling healthcare job seekers. Therefore, you can be assured any constructive comments about your present resume are well-validated. Minor suggestions will be given at no cost. However, if the assessment is made to help you re-write your resume to appeal to the world of work even more effectively, we'll suggest you use our popular Basic Resume Service.

COST - no charge for evaluation


Revising your present resume with MCD will be an easy process for you. The document will be assessed as defined in the above section. Once you give us permission to help you and agree upon the $295 charge, we will immediately begin the revision. Your new resume will be prepared with you via the telephone and e-mail as expeditiously as the business world allows. Count on some telephone conversations regarding some of your employment details, including how you expect to use your new resume. Chances are that we will change the format to allow for maximum acceptability by the resume readers in your job search. Once the resume is completed by MCD, we will e-mail you the final product in a Word document with instructions on how to customize the job target for each job of interest.  This service includes unlimited telephone and e-mail follow-up adviice and counseling on the use of your new resume for three (3) months.

COST - $295 for the Resume Revision Package


The features of the Healthcare Executive Special Resume Package includes:

1)  a 2-hour session with the Executive Director/COACH for strategizing and wording your resume.

2)  an electronic copy of your new resume (in a Word document)

3)  a matching letterhead for cover letters

4)  a sample cover letter format you can use for attaching or e-mailing during your job search. .

5)  Most importantly you will receive unlimited telephone coaching advice on how to use your accepted resume to get those important job interviews.

Private career counseling and career testing services are available to you in our office, based upon your need and budget.

Remember, you will be coached by an expert career counselor with over 20 years of graduate-level career counseling and resume writing experience. He has also served as a successful Healthcare Executive Recruiter and Medical Center Employment Manager.  He knows what the recruiting professionals and screeners are looking for in your resume.

COST - Healthcare Executive - Special Resume Packages are only $395, including unlimited telephone coaching and follow-up.

For more information, call Rod Meyer, CPC  (925) 846-4763


Is your annual review or performance evaluation coming up?  Did the boss say, "I want to give you this year's performance rating next week.  Fill out the rating form yourself and then we'll discuss it before I process the paperwork to HR."  Hmm, are you unsure of what you want to say about your work performance during this rating period? 

We'll sit down with you and the evaluation form, if any.  Most importantly we will help you display all of those work strengths and your accomplishments for the boss's review.  This type of counseling is done in our office with you on an hourly basis.  You will be able to walk into your boss's office with confidence.  Who knows, the extra work with our career counselor who is experienced in human resources administration and management development just might mean a lot more pay or a promotion for you.

Performance Counseling is $100 per 60-minute office hour, payable at the end of each visit. 

Doing What You Like is Freedom; Liking What You Do Is Happiness!

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